Monday, March 5, 2012

Adventure & Art

Aventur und Kunst is what Johann Gutenberg - Johnny Goodhill, or, if your take his given name Johann Gensfleisch, Johnny Gooseflesh - is reputed to have called the art of printing - and is title of the Melbourne exhibition & symposium to be launched Friday 9 March - among the distinguished guests will be Jorge Alberto Lozoya, Mexican Ambassador to Malaysia, who was pivotal in developing CODEX MEXICO, an affiliate body to the CODEX FOUNDATION - Jorge will talk at the symposium on how Codex Mexico was set up, to honor & spread the word on the hand-made book in that part of the world - 

here's the front cover of the exhibition catalog, 48 pages, in full color - the cover woodcut is by John Ryrie, and is from Pelican Poems by Adrian Rawlins, printed by John Ryrie at his Incunabula Press, Melbourne 1997 -

Friday, March 2, 2012

wood type in Australia

this image blatantly filched from the website of Sylvan Type Works of Nicholas Summers of Plum Letterpress in New South Wales, with occasional help from Sue Anderson of Impediment Press - Sylvan Type Works can provide wood type -

Manufactured using traditional and modern methods and materials.
New typefaces, historical revivals and exploratory projects.
Complete founts, missing characters and replacement sorts.
Specimens and occasional publications issued.

(this news came from Jurgen Wegner's Brandywine Newsletter (about printing, printed ephemera, type, books etc. . . to be on Jurgen's mailing list email him here